The Holiday Charity Wagon

With the holidays coming up it’s inevitable that we are going to be inundated with request for donations. It’s really hard to ignore the banner images of impoverish children in developing countries that appears in malls or the incessant jingling of bells at every grocery store entrance. If it didn’t appear in your face how else would you know who and where to donate? And even once you’ve put your hard earned cash in their pots, how do you know what is being done with it?

Charity Craft Fair Promotion

There are so many charitable organizations out there doing some amazing things! While Charity Intelligence Canada is one of the best sources for determining charity credibility, the Charity Craft Fair Vancouver hopes to alleviate holiday giving stress. At the fair, locally run charities have been given the opportunity to showcase products that fund their programs while sharing their cause to the community. At this craft fair the Vancouver holiday shopper has the opportunity to learn about the organization, support the cause and purchase holiday gifts all at the same time! The best part is that admission to the Charity Craft Fair is by donation and proceeds after the venue costs are absorbed will be donated to Pancreatic Cancer Canada.

How much easier can holiday giving get?!


About charitycraftfairvancouver

I'm a marketing associate, nonprofit founder/president and social media enthusiast blogging for the Charity Craft Fair Vancouver.
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